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Viagri candidly acknowledges her personal background:

“My mother was a passionate prostitute with a voluptuous figure, and so I was born and raised in a high class brothel, where from a very early age I saw and heard all about the many joys of sex from the beautiful ladies who performed there. The brothel had an extensive library of pornography, and all those glamorous visuals were very inspiring to me. I knew very early that this is what I wanted to aspire to. I wanted to be the most sexually developed female I could possibly be.

“This desire led to an interest in body development, which led to an interest in gymnastics, dance and the martial arts, where I excelled through years of practice.

“My tits began to grow at age eleven. By age thirteen they were very large, and this made me the object of teasing and ridicule from the other kids at school. Simultaneously, my pussy was raging with sexual desires that were quite overwhelming. In time I noticed that the teasing from the boys seemed to be mostly a cover up for a curiosity and desires of their own, while the teasing from the girls seemed much more mean spirited, a rather malicious expression of envy mixed with prudish condemnation. I began to feel sympathy for the boys, and wished that at least one of them would be bold enough to ask to have sex with me, while I increasingly felt resentment toward the girls, and wished that they would all get thoroughly laid and have to admit that they liked it. Increasingly, I carried myself and my bulging tits with determined pride and defiance.

“In the meantime, my mother moved on to become a freelance call girl and escort to men in high positions, and so I learned through her of many opportunities and achievements in the world of business and industry. This spurred my interest in academics, as I saw the connection between learning and success, and so I excelled in school, taking the most challenging classes.

“Today, along with my bulging tits, my pussy lips are so engorged that they unavoidably rub each other whenever I move my legs — which means that I can’t walk or run anywhere without becoming so sexually stimulated that I begin hyperventilating. So I desperately need a man to f**k me. When he does, my orgasms explode inside me and radiate throughout my whole body. When I feel so much joy and ecstasy in my body, the whole world looks brighter, and I can face each day with renewed enthusiasm. I just love it!

“My big bulging tits are a fashion statement and a political statement. I love sex, and I revel in my orgasms and in my spontaneous relationships today with the many men who share with me so many pleasures. If I am a slut, I wear that title proudly. I admit it’s not fun to be harshly judged and scorned by prudes, but it would be worse to live a life of denial, devoid of the pleasures of sex and companionship with positive, likeminded people. Why endorse and give power to negative people whose values are the very antithesis of my own? I think the time is overdue for sexually positive people to come out of the closet.

“My optimism, from seeing so many other people’s successes, makes me believe that, despite all the world’s problems, almost anything positive is possible if a person is really motivated to overcome obstacles. So I have become a kind of intellectual and sexual adventurer, with passionate sex always as my primary focus. I live for my orgasms, and my desire to liberate the world sexually. I am too restless to be confined to a brothel — the world is my sexual playground. I just want to go out and do it, and not wait for the money. There are other ways to make money, all of them leading to meeting new people to have sex with.”

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