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Cartoon Golden Age History

Michael Barrier: Exploring the world of animated films and comic art.

Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in Its Golden Age: a terrific book written by my friend Michael Barrier, and available on Amazon.

Mark Kausler’s CatBlog: animated cartoons, fine arts, film collecting and other stuff.

Mayerson on Animation: Reflections on the art and business of animation.

Michael Sporn Animation, Inc.: featuring the art, animation, work and some of the thoughts of the artists working at Michael Sporn Animation.


The Creative Mind of the Cartoonist

Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner: Eddie Fitzgerald is a storyboarder, writer and director in the animation industry.

John K. Stuff: Cool collection of vintage cartoons and comic strips.



dead // life: a comic strip about about life, death and the afterlife. primarily a directory of comics that are available to read over the Internet.